We’ve all heard of architecture, but what about cargo-tecture? Simply put, it’s architecture for shipping containers. Following we will detail what is shipping container architecture (aka cargo-tecture) and the modifications that can be made to shipping containers.



In today’s world, we are not limited to brick and mortar to build. Building materials can be just about anything, including repurposed materials. This is where shipping containers come in. After being used for their traditional built purposes, they can be cleaned, repaired, repurposed, and utilised as building materials. They can be turned into fully functioning buildings, homes, businesses, offices, restaurants and so much more.

Now that we know what is shipping container architecture, we can look at the different types of modifications that can be done to shipping containers to transform them.



The modifications that can be made to shipping containers are nearly endless. If you can think of it, it can probably be created! Here at Shipping Containers Darwin, we’re able to offer a variety of modifications to shipping containers including windows, air-conditioning, roller doors, electrical fit out, drop down benches, shelving and more. We can install modifications for accommodation containers, site offices, long-term site needs and first aid rooms. We can also design for complete tiny homes and fit out for hospitality use such as a restaurant, bar, or café. There are even other companies who can transform the humble shipping container into a stunning above ground pool. Shipping containers are truly so versatile and fantastic, relatively inexpensive building materials.


Got a project in mind and want to see what we can achieve through cargo-tecture? We’re here to help! Get in contact with the friendly Shipping Containers Darwin team today to see how we can transform a shipping container into your dream idea.