Are you looking to ship refrigerated goods domestically or overseas? Perhaps you’re holding an outdoor event where you need extra cool room space or run a market stall on a weekly basis selling your farm fresh dairy products. Whatever your need for a refrigerated container space, you can find it at Shipping Containers Darwin. You can purchase a new or used refrigerated container, or if you only need a temporary cool room. We offer refrigerated containers that are cost effective and are available to hire or buy.

Refrigerated Container Specs

Our refrigerated containers are available in 20- and 40-foot sizes and are 3 phase systems. We do have a small range of single-phase containers available as well. Each of our refrigerated containers has temperature control (from +25° C to -25° C) which means you can transport or store your foods either frozen or chilled.

Our Containers are Guaranteed

Whether you are hiring or purchasing, all our shipping containers are inspected and pre-tripped before they are delivered. Our refrigerated containers are high quality and reliable – exactly what you expect when hiring or buying refrigerated shipping containers from a professional and reputable business. Shipping Containers Darwin also offers a breakdown service in major metro areas, and we have a money-back guarantee should your refrigerated container not perform to standard.

Refrigerated Container Uses

There’s more to refrigerated shipping containers to transporting or storing frozen and chilled food around the state or country. Our shipping containers have been used by people around the Northern Territory to keep food and drinks cool and safe during the summer period, for caterers looking to keep foods at the right temperature during weddings and function, and for mining and construction companies working in remote areas who need an area for their employees to keep their meals and drinks cool and safe to eat after hours underground or on site.

Why an Insulated Container?

Like the idea of the insulation that a refrigerated container provides but don’t need the cooling function? Our insulated containers are decommissioned refrigerated containers (or NOR – non-operational containers). The motor has been removed from the containers however the insulation still exists. These containers are great for when you need an insulated space like a site office, portable accommodation or when building a tiny house.

Order Your Refrigerated Shipping Container

Decided that a portable refrigerated storage solution is right for your needs? Available for sale or hire, Shipping Containers Darwin has a range of insulated refrigerated container to help you ship chilled or frozen goods around the country or to use as additional cool room space for your next wedding or function. Speak to the team at Shipping Containers Darwin to hire or purchase your refrigerated shipping container in the Northern Territory. Shipping containers are the perfect option for portable cold storage. With easy opening doors and refrigerated units, shipping containers can be used as portable refrigerated storage or rent refrigerate space on a short- or long-term basis. By controlling the temperature inside the shipping container, you can create a controlled storage environment that is perfect for perishable items.

Frequently Asked Questions