Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular for many first home buyers, retirees or those just looking for a less expensive housing option. However, there is one major disadvantage that comes with shipping container homes, which is space or rather lack thereof. Not everyone wants a tiny home and with shipping containers, that’s what you get – a very small living pace. Many looking into shipping container homes want to know: “can shipping container homes have a basement?” to try and solve the small space issue.


The short answer to the question: “can shipping container homes have a basement?” is yes. Here’s how.

In order to ensure structural integrity, there are a lot of reinforcements that must be put in place to support the basement.

First the exact size and measurements of the basement must be calculated. This is imperative to ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the build of the basement as well as knowing the amount of digging that is required.

Once the area has been dug out, a series of reinforcements must be put in place including steel rebar and concrete. The basement walls will also need to be waterproofed as water leaking and damage common and can became a major issue.

It is best to leave the construction of a shipping container basement to the professionals as it is imperative that the job is done correctly. If done improperly, it could have serious consequences such as injury or worse to occupants of the home and severe or complete damage to the home.


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