A 20ft shipping container has a lot of uses, lately, they’ve become the industry standard for almost anything when it relates to a shipping container, from a shipping container home to site offices, storage solutions or cold rooms, the humble shipping container now has a myriad of uses apart from just standard shipping.

But what about the customization and modification of 20ft shipping container and their counterparts the 40ft shipping container, how far can you modify them and where can you get them customized? Well if you’re in the Darwin area, Shipping Containers Darwin has you covered, we’re the number 1 supplier of shipping containers in Darwin and have a plethora of different containers available for purchase or hire.

However, if you’re looking to get creative and want to modify a container for several different projects, we also have you covered there, one of the most common things we see is converting containers into a site office for mining sites or out-of-reach job sites all across this great land, and the 20ft shipping container is built with this great land in mind, weather proofed and insulated they can even become an amazing alternative area for you to cool down in as refrigerated containers make for an excellent place to work in our harsh outback climate.

They’re incredibly versatile and withstand whatever punishment our climate dishes out which is why they’re becoming such a mainstay for not only shipping and storing products, but also for tiny homes and living spaces, lets’s have a brief look at what we’ve found is the most sought after customization option available for the 20ft shipping container, we also offer high cube and side loader options ideal for storing and shipping materials for 40ft and 20ft.

Refrigerated and insulated shipping containers make for an amazing option.

Refrigerated and insulated shipping containers

By far the most popular shipping container that we offer, the refrigerated shipping container comes equipped with its own built-in air conditioning and makes it an amazing place to cool off or to store items anywhere you need them, like we said above, we commonly see these heavy-duty containers on mining sites and even within mining sites as due to their construction, they can be shipped and placed virtually anywhere.

An insulated shipping container is in many aspects similar to its refrigerated counterpart, it is weatherproofed to withstand anything nature throws at it and to keep the products kept inside clean and free of dust or detritus that can accumulate in busy areas, this makes them ideal for people who are storing materials that need them in pristine condition one day to the next.

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At Shipping Containers Darwin, we offer a  host of shipping containers, as well as modification and customization options for containers, no matter what you’re looking for we will always offer the best options available and are competitively priced to ensure you get the best quality shipping containers at the best possible price around and offer different types of delivery method.

Our expert customer service team is available to help you with any questions you may have, or alternatively, you may wish to browse our wide selection of shipping containers.

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