Storing excess goods or shipping across the country, Shipping Containers Darwin has what you need. We have a large range of new or used shipping containers that can be used for storing goods while you are moving or shipping your goods from your warehouse to stores.

Storage Containers Darwin has been selling, hiring, modifying and delivering shipping containers around Australia for over 15 years, and that’s no small feat. Our containers are popular with those looking for additional storage, extra workspace, portable construction site buildings and moving stock.

Our most popular shipping container is the general-purpose shipping container. These containers are made from weather-proof steel, are stackable, portable, pest-proof and perfect for shipping, storage or converting into a tiny home or workspace.

Ship or Store Goods Anywhere

One major benefit to a quality shipping container is that you can ship or store goods just about anywhere. These containers are heavy duty and waterproof which makes them ideal for use in a range of environments.

Shipping Containers Darwin not only has a range of general-purpose containers; we also stock a range of new and used specialised shipping containers for hire or purchase. These containers include high cube, flat rack, side loading, and open topped – plenty of options to meet your needs.

Northern Territory Site Offices

Do you have a large construction project about to start? Or needing room for additional staff? Our containers can be used as site offices for any sort of construction, mining, energy or civil project. These containers can be fitted out with a range of modifications including insulation, air-conditioning, electrical works, doors and windows. They are secure and heavy duty which will allow you to move them from project to project without fuss. Don’t have time to wait for modifications to be made? We have site offices for hire that can be delivered wherever you are.

Modifications and Accessories

Along with a large range of new and used containers for purchase or hire, Shipping Containers Darwin can modify your container, as well as provide numerous accessories that let you make the modifications you need. There are three main ways to take advantage of modified shipping containers:

  1. Utilise our range of pre-modified containers which include accommodation containers, site offices and first aid rooms;
  2. Add basic accessories such as insulation, roller doors, windows, air conditioning and electrical fit out to suit short term needs; or
  3. Design a complete fit out for your tiny home or long-term site needs.

Fitting out your container with your chosen accessories is usually a quick and easy job. Our experienced team can run you through your options and the fit out, ensuring doors, windows, drop-down benches and shelving is in the right place to make the space functional. Your container can also be painted to meet your branding requirements.

You can also do a full conversion on your container, transforming it from a standard shipping container into a tiny home, additional office space, or a café, bar or workshop. Shipping containers are a cost effective way to provide housing in rural areas. shipping container homes are becoming a popular option for those looking for an alternative to traditional home ownership.

Whatever your needs, when it comes to storage and shipping containers in the Top End, Shipping Containers Darwin can assist with all your needs. Speak to our professional and experienced team today.

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