If you’re currently looking to hire or purchase shipping containers in Darwin, it would help to get some advice on it before you make your purchase, today we’re going to have a brief look into one of the most common shipping containers we sell, the 40ft Shipping Container.

Are you in the greater Darwin area and are looking for a supplier of the most high-quality, premium shipping containers on the market? Then Shipping Containers Darwin has you covered as we stock and sell shipping containers in all shapes and sizes and even custom made shipping containers to suit your preference, from 40ft high cube containers, 40ft general shipping containers, or side loading, we make, sell and hire almost all shipping containers you can think of.

Let’s have a look at the grand 40ft shipping container and how it can really make a difference when creating numerous different projects, from site office to storage room, the 40ft shipping container is one of the best on the market and can be modified to suit your business or residential needs.

High Quality, Robust and Spacious!

Whether you’re creating a site office, or just looking for additional storage space a 40ft shipping container can alleviate a lot of problems, most often we see them being used on mining sites where storage space can be hard to come by, and as they’re wind, water and weatherproofed they can be safely stored in multiple locations depending on what you need.

These containers can also be customized and built into whatever you may need such as a side loader or can be modified to have air conditioning and as we’re starting to see lately, can be turned into homes that even have kitchens and bedrooms.

40ft Shipping Containers

However, if you’re simply looking to safely secure items, products, or merchandise, 40ft shipping containers come standard with all of the usual securities of a shipping container, however, due to their larger size, they can even be sectioned off within the container itself to keep very valuable or dangerous materials out of harm’s way and keep your products safe while they’re in transport or your chosen delivery method.

Whatever you are planning to do with your containers, you will want to make sure you’re getting the best quality containers on the market for the most cost-effective price, too often we see people get substandard containers that can end up damaging or harming the products they want to ship or store and that’s why it can save you a lot of hassles when you choose to come and shop with us at Shipping Containers Darwin.

Shop with the experts to eliminate all hassles.

 At Shipping Containers Darwin we are the largest supplier of shipping containers in Darwin and pride ourselves on helping a wide range of our customer base get what they’re looking for, whether its residential customers looking for a little extra space around their homes or, commercial businesses looking for office spaces and accommodation.

We supply, sell and hire out new and used shipping containers so that when you choose to shop with us, you’re never going to be wanting for anything as if it’s on the market, we probably have it in stock for you whenever you need and would love to hear from you.

If you would like to browse our extensive range of shipping containers and products, or perhaps you want to send us an enquiry and get a quote on your next project,  don’t hesitate to visit our friendly customer service team that is standing by to assist you at https://shippingcontainersdarwin.net.au/contact-us/