Dangerous Goods Containers

Do you transport or need storage for dangerous goods? If so, a dangerous goods container is a must have to ensure the safety to your staff members and those transporting the goods. These containers are durable, weatherproof and have the normal secure features of standard shipping containers, however the extra strength in these containers allows for the safe transport and storage solution of hazardous and dangerous goods.

If you regularly handle and ship dangerous goods around the country, you’ll know that you are required to meet all storage and handling regulations set out under the Australian Hazardous Goods regulations. These regulations cover the handling, storing, transporting and use of hazardous and dangerous materials.

Shipping Containers Darwin can provide you with quality containers to transport and store, items such as gas cylinders, flammable items, peroxides, toxic goods and corrosive substances.

Features of a Dangerous Goods Container

Our dangerous goods containers have plenty of features to keep your items safe while shipping or storing including:

  • Plates and signage

  • Safety signage if required

  • Double opening end doors

  • Front steel bund wall

  • Welded flooring

  • Leak-proof flooring

  • Internal safety handle

  • Weatherproof vents

  • Non-spark industrial mesh floor covering (excluding for transport and storage of Class 2 goods)

  • Lockable valve tap

There are two sizes available for hire or purchase – a 3m unit which has approximately a 4,000 litre capacity, and a 6m unit which has approximately a 10,000 litre capacity.

What Can I Store in a Dangerous Goods Container?

Dangerous goods containers from Shipping Containers Darwin can store a range of hazardous and dangerous materials including:

  • Class 2 Dangerous Goods Unit (Gas Cylinder Storage) – AS 4332-2004.

  • Class 3 Dangerous Goods Unit (Flammable Liquids) – AS 1940-2004.

  • Class 4 Dangerous Goods Unit (Flammable Solids) – AS/NZS 5026-2012.

  • Class 5.1 Dangerous Goods Unit (Oxidising Agents) – AS 4326-2008.

  • Class 5.2 Dangerous Goods Unit (Organic Peroxides) – AS 2714-2008.

  • Class 6.1 Dangerous Goods Unit (Toxic Substances) – AS/NZS 4452-1997.

  • Class 8 Dangerous Goods Unit (Corrosive Substances) – AS 3780-2008.

  • Class 9 Dangerous Goods Unit (Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods) – AS/NZS 4681-2000.

Dangerous Goods Containers in Darwin

Shipping Containers Darwin are experienced in providing the right dangerous and hazardous goods containers for your needs. A standard dangerous goods container not quite suiting your needs? We can modify containers to allow you to store and transport your dangerous goods as required, at a competitive and cost-effective price.

We know that it is essential that dangerous chemical storage containers are manufactured to the highest standards and safely stored. A low-quality container risks loss of life, injury and loss of business. If you need a quality dangerous goods container that gives you peace of mind, speak to the team at Shipping Containers Darwin.

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