Have you decided that you need a shipping container on a long-term basis? That’s great! While container rentals are great for short-term use like events or one-off markets, shipping containers are perfect for long-term use such as site offices, accommodation units or even tiny homes. Shipping Containers Darwin is a local business supplying the Northern Territory with shipping container sales delivering across the state. Can’t find what you need? We have depots across the country which means we can get you what you need without fuss – and all delivered directly to your door. Contact Our Sales Team!

Transport Goods Locally or Overseas

At Shipping Containers Darwin, we can supply shipping containers for you to transport your goods locally or overseas. Whether you need to deliver new equipment to an international buyer or ship retail goods to an interstate outlet, we have the right containers to keep your stock safe and free from weather damage.

Worksites, Accommodation and More

Apart from the standard use of shipping goods around the country or the world, shipping containers can be used for a wide variety of tasks including as temporary site offices and accommodation blocks on mining and construction sites, as a mechanical workshop for those needing more space, an extra storage solution for businesses or as a small home to live in.

Largest Supplier of Containers in the Territory

Shipping Containers Darwin is the largest supplier of shipping containers in the Northern Territory. Our range includes 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft standard containers, both new and used, for sale. We also have a range of containers that are able to be modified, and if you are short on time, a small range that have already been modified and are ready to go.

Both our new and used containers are available to be shipped anywhere in the Top End, so whether you need extra storage at home in Darwin’s suburbs, first aid and accommodation blocks in the Gulf region after a cyclone or a site office near Tenant Creek, Shipping Containers Darwin has what you need.

How Much Should I Budget?

Shipping container costs can vary, and it isn’t something we can put a specific number to without finding out your needs. However, they can be quite budget friendly. A simple shipping container that is simply going to be used as extra storage can start from a few thousand dollars. Over the life of the container, when compared to using a storage facility site, you will certainly save some money. On the other hand, a container that has been completed modified and fit out will set you back a fair bit more, however these containers can often be used over and over, so you will certainly get your money’s worth from them.

While we can’t guarantee a cost without talking to you, what we can guarantee is the quality of the container you will receive and the service you will receive from our team. It’s simply top notch. Call us today to arrange a quote to purchase a container to suit your needs.