Depending on what you plan to use your shipping container for will help you to determine what size is most suitable for your needs. Here at Shipping Containers Darwin, we stock a variety of different shipping container dimensions.

For our standard shipping containers, we stock 10, 20, and 40-foot containers. Our refrigerated containers come in 20 and 40 foot. For our dangerous goods containers, we stock a 3m unit which has approximately a 4,000-litre capacity and a 6m unit which has approximately a 10,000-litre capacity.

Not sure what shipping container dimensions you should go with? No problem! Give our friendly team a call and discuss what you plan of using your shipping container for. Our experienced team of professionals can then help suggest which size will be the best fit for your needs.

Here at Shipping Containers Darwin, it’s our mission to make the process of buying a shipping container easy and provide every customer with exceptional service. We are one of the largest suppliers of new, used standard, and modified shipping containers in the Northern Territory and have depots across Australia. If we don’t have the right container here, we can get it from one of our other depots. If you’re in the NT, we can have it right to your worksite or front door, and in most cases, delivery can be the next day.

We’re an Australian family owned and operated business with years of experience under our belt. To chat about shipping container dimensions, or any other questions you may have, get in touch with us today.