If you’re in need of a shipping container on a long-term basis, your best option is to purchase a shipping container. But maybe you don’t know the average shipping container price and aren’t sure what you need to budget. Following we’ll give you a bit of general information about shipping containers to help you with your budgeting.

There isn’t really an average shipping container price, as there are many types of shipping containers to choose from. There are standard storage shipping containers, refrigerated containers, dangerous goods containers and more. You can also adjust most containers with a variety of modifications and accessories including: air condition, insulation, roller doors, windows, electrical fit out and more. Ultimately, shipping container price can vary greatly dependant on specific requirements.

But don’t fret as they can still be made to be budget friendly. Your most basic shipping container can come in at just a few thousand dollars. If you’re only planning to use it for something as simple as storage, it could be cheaper to own a container than renting a storage space. Similarly, if you know you require it for a long period of time, it can be cheaper owning your own than renting. Even a modified container with air conditioning and shelving can be more budget friendly than having an office built on site.

So, whilst we can’t give you a specific price without speaking to you directly, we can ensure you’re getting the best containers available in the Northern Territory and exceptional customer service. Give our friendly team a call today to discuss your needs and arrange a quote.