Shipping containers continue to gain popularity outside of industrial and commercial business uses. So many people are purchasing their own, personal shipping containers and they’re not all using them to ship goods. But why you may ask? There are so many answers to the question “why buy a shipping container?” Following we will cover a few of the main reasons why you need a shipping container.


Looking for storage – shipping container. Want a personal home gym – storage container. Want to start your own small, portable coffee shop – shipping container. How about a tiny home – the answer is a shipping container! So many modifications can be made to shipping containers from air conditioning, to windows, full electrical fit out, drop down benches and so much more. If you can think of it, chances are you’ll be able to transform a shipping container, or multiple, into whatever your heart can desire.


When compared to more traditional and even newer storage methods, like renting a space at a storage facility or a portable storage container, shipping containers are reasonably cheap. Why buy a shipping container rather than rent? For long term storage, it is again the more cost effective and smarter solution. You’re also able to modify it any way you please and move it, so it can evolve alongside your changing needs throughout the years.


Whilst it is not recommended that you use a shipping container as a shelter from harsh weather events like cyclones, they have been shown to be able to withstand even these severe conditions. So, whatever you choose to store or turn your shipping container into, you can have peace of mind knowing that it has a high level of protection.

Now that you know some answers to the question “why buy a shipping container?”, your next step is to get in contact with the friendly Shipping Containers Darwin team today to help buy your perfect container.