Think you’re in need of a shipping container? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re stumped on “which shipping container should I get?”, we’re here to help. Following we will discuss the most common types of shipping containers and additional options to help you determine which shipping container is right for you.


When considering “which shipping container should I get?”, we can start off by looking at the 3 most basic types of shipping containers available and their uses.

The first type is a general storage container. This can be used for general storage or shipping.

The second type is a refrigerated container. It can be used for transporting of storing frozen and chilled foods, for caterers to keep food and drinks at the right temperature at events and celebrations, as employee food storage for mining/ construction companies in remote areas and more.

The third type is a dangerous goods container. This is essential when storing or transporting a variety of hazardous and dangerous materials. These containers are durable, weatherproof and have extra strength than general storage containers.


The possibilities of what you can turn a shipping container into are practically endless. We here at Shipping Containers Darwin can do a large range of modifications and add accessories to your shipping container to meet your requirements. This includes complete fit outs for hospitality use, accommodation, site offices and so much more. Just ask us!


Ultimately, the decision should be informed by what specific requirements you need from your shipping container as well as your budget. If you’re still unsure which container is right for you, get in contact with Shipping Containers Darwin today. We’re a family-owned business, servicing the Northern Territory with new and used shipping containers.