More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of using shipping containers for their personal use or businesses. Following we will discuss a few uses for a 20ft shipping container.


Exercise is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. The mental aspect was particularly highlighted for many of us during the worst of the pandemic when lockdown measures were in place preventing us from going to gyms. Many of us now have a home workout routine down pat and may have even bought some gym equipment. A 20ft shipping container can easily be converted into a private home gym so you can continue to reap the fitness and mental benefits of regular exercise.


Thinking of starting your own small business like a café, bar or restaurant but can’t afford the price of a storefront? A 20ft shipping container could be your more affordable option. A compact, modifiable, and easily portable space, you can create a thriving hospitality or other business.


Many people are looking to downsize their homes and get rid of unnecessary belongings in exchange for a small, affordable living space. A 20ft shipping container can easily be converted into a tiny home with all the necessities – shower, toilet, kitchen and bed.

We can make a range of modifications to your 20ft shipping container including adding in air conditioning, roller doors, windows, drop down benches, shelves and more. So, whatever you intend to use it for, we can help you get it up to standard.
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