It might be a small space but there are limitless possibilities for what you can use a 10ft shipping container for. Following we’ll discuss just a few.


With a lot of us still working from home, we’re likely itching to get our own office space. The dining table doubling as the office desk works in a pinch, but it can get frustrating have to pack up everyday and sharing the space with others. A 10ft shipping container is the perfect space for a compact and private office.


Make it a storage space for items that you don’t use that often such as the camping gear, spare chairs, and Christmas decorations. It also makes a great space for a garden shed. Get the mower, fertiliser, and other gardening supplies out of the garage so you can get back to using it to park your car.


Have you got a side hustle or hobby that you like to work on? If so, you’re probably in need or more space for it and a 10ft shipping container is the perfect starting size. An artist can set up their studio, no longer having to worry about spilling paint on the carpet or walls in the house. A seamstress can have their sewing machine, fabrics, and haberdashery set up permanently instead of having to pack away daily. Whatever your project, you can have your own private, personal space separate from your home that you don’t have to share with anyone.

Better still, we here at Shipping Containers Darwin can customise your 10ft shipping container with accessories such as: air conditioning, roller doors, windows, drop down benches, shelves and more. Get in touch with our friendly team today to chat about our 10ft shipping containers and see how we can personalise them for your needs.