One of the most frequently asked questions surround shipping containers is “How much is a shipping container?” However, there are many contributing factors that can easily and quickly change the pricing of your shipping container. Following we’ll discuss a few of these factors so you can better know what to expect with your shipping container.


As mentioned, there are many different factors that will change the cost of a shipping container. The most basic of shipping containers can start from as little as $1,000. This would be perfect for those looking to use it for basic storage or shipping purposes. As you begin to require specialty containers, the price will increase. For example, a refrigerated container or dangerous goods container will naturally cost more than a basic shipping container due to the extra materials and construction necessary for these containers.


Apart from the three common types of shipping containers (i.e. basic, refrigerated, dangerous goods), you can also customise a shipping container with various modifications and accessories. We here at Shipping Containers Darwin offer a large range of modifications and accessories such as:
• Air conditioning
• Insulation
• Roller doors
• Windows
• Electrical fit out
• Modifications for accommodation containers, site offices, first aid rooms
• Design for complete tiny homes or long-term site needs

So ultimately the answer to the question “how much is a shipping container?” will depend on what type you buy and any modifications or accessories you may want to add. Shipping Containers Darwin is the biggest supplier of shipping containers in the Northern Territory. We can modify your container to suit any needs. Contact our friendly team today to discuss.