Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes, they also come with a host of different modifications and customization options, when it comes to additional storage space or even a small room, you can’t go wrong with a shipping container for nearly all of the storage problems or living space needs you might require.

However, as they do come in all shapes and sizes it can be a bit of a mission to get exactly what you want for your problem, for example, you wouldn’t want to purchase a standard shipping container if you’re looking to store chilled or frozen goods, instead opting to get a refrigerated container or insulated container, likewise if you’re storing or shipping dangerous goods, you will want to have a container that is customized to your needs.

Today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the shipping containers that we sell, hire and supply and go over some of their specifications, modifications, and customization options that are currently available at Shipping Containers Darwin.

Refrigerated Containers: These containers are available in 20 foot or 40-foot sizes and come standard with phase 3 systems, refrigerated containers are great for storing and shipping chilled and frozen goods and can even be customized and modified to work as a site office or for a cool room at your home or place of business and are a great addition for when cold storage is needed in remote or hard to get to places in lieu of traditional means such as air conditioning.

Fitted Out Shipping Containers for Sale

However, if you only need a container to safely store non-chilled or frozen goods, an insulated container may also be a good idea as they are weatherproofed but do not carry a refrigerator unit and can be used as-is wherever you may be and make for an amazing storage space addition to where ever it’s needed.

Dangerous Goods Container: If you’re looking to store or ship dangerous or delicate goods such as gas or fuel reserves, corrosive or toxic substances, and flammable substances, a dangerous goods container is one of the most customizable containers there is.

These containers are weatherproofed, extremely durable, and in addition to the usual safety features of a shipping container can be reinforced depending on what you need to transport with these containers, there is a whole host of modification and customization options that are available and the uses of these containers also have a very wide breadth.

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“Standard” Shipping Containers: What constitutes a “standard” shipping container really lies in what you want out of your container, they’re highly versatile depending on the job and can be modified and customized depending on what you want to do with them and are usually very cost-effective,  whether you want side opening shipping containers, doors windows or roller doors the choices are limitless.

Whether it a high cube, flat rack, or sideloading, these containers can be used for all general-purpose needs and can be used as site offices or even be installed with ablution blocks to make them self contained hygiene spaces and sliding doors,  really the only thing that you have to figure out with these containers is how you want to customize and use them and where you want to use them.

At Shipping Containers Darwin, we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to containers and offer shipping containers fitted,  whether it be shipping container conversions, shipping container modifications or you’re looking for a modified shipping container for sale our friendly customer service team is available and can help you find the exact right one that you need, we also offer our services in customization and ability to modify shipping containers so that whatever problem you need to be solved, we can help.