Considering the insanely hot temperatures in Darwin, it doesn’t take much imagination to see why people choose refrigerated options for their storage and shipping needs. Whether your goods include perishable loads, pharmaceuticals, frozen produce, or anything that requires a steady temperature over a long period, Shipping Containers Darwin have your needs covered. Available in 20 ft and 40 ft options, we can attend to your specifications at a moment’s notice!

Should I Choose a Refrigerated or Insulated Container?

Refrigerated containers (or reefers as they’re called in the trade), contain an electrical motor. This means they require connection to either mains or a generator for the entirety of a trip or storage time. Typically, their interior can be kept between +25° C and -25° C with custom, reliable temperature control, which ensures that cool air distributes uniformly and no hot spots are formed.

On the other hand, insulated containers depend on heavy-duty insulation alone to regulate temperature, as they do not have a motor. For a short time or trip, this will often suffice (even when it comes to frozen goods), but for time frames of more than a couple days, and especially if your cargo is at risk of being delayed, we would definitely recommend buying or hiring a refrigerated container.

Multiple Uses and Modifications

These days, our containers are not just for shipping or storage. Other uses for refrigerated containers include coolrooms for seasonal workplaces, refrigerators for workers’ meals on remote sites, and the chilling of drinks for sporting events or any outdoor occasions. More permanent uses can range from cafés to restaurants and bars, and even accommodation, all of which can be easily transported to new locations at your convenience.
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