I. Shipping containers continue to revolutionize the mining industry

While you may think of a shipping container as something that is only used for long sea voyages, would you be surprised to know that one of the biggest industries that use shipping containers is actually the mining industry?

Shipping containers in the mining industry are now a staple and they are used for so many things in the mining industry that they have become synonymous with mining, from storage and site offices to living areas, showers, and even kitchens.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at how shipping containers have completely transformed the mining industry and how they continue to do so, and how you can apply these and radically change productivity and efficiency if you’re also in the mining industry and looking to make changes to your company.

II. Security, mobility, versatility, and availability, everything you need in one

Shipping containers can be completely modified to suit almost any need, this is great in the mining industry as before they were widely used, there was a need for constant infrastructure to be built ahead of time which can add several months or years to setting up sites and making them operational.

Shipping containers have changed this, with virtually no setup time and no need for infrastructure, mining companies can designate areas around the site and simply drop shipping containers there, this can be virtually anything from a site office to living areas, and can even create a welcoming and comfortable environment for workers.

Most mining sites are pretty far away from towns and cities and as such will require the ability to cater to every need that is there, one of the most common is food and shelter, refrigerated containers are amazing at keeping large stockpiles of food that are kept fresh and available at all times and can be a great place to relax and cool off during a hot day in the Australian outback.

Likewise, should accidents occur, shipping containers can be modified to become fully encapsulated medical facilities to treat injuries and do health checkups without the need to send workers far away to medical facilities, these facilities are so modifiable that often they can be more equipped and accessible than medical facilities in traditional infrastructure.

And the best part is if you need to move them, simply load them up and ship them anywhere you need.

III. Modified to suit any need

As we touched on above, modified shipping containers can be turned into a myriad of different options to suit a mining site, but how versatile are the containers?

Well, they can be modified into virtually anything and give you a true building that rivals even traditional infrastructure, when modifying a shipping container you will be given multiple options to get the right one that you need, and if isn’t available it can be customized to suit your needs when you decide to order.

Really the only thing that limits a container is what you can think of, entire office blocks, showers, kitchens, and living spaces can be created with containers and the mining industry has flocked to these as they’re cost-effective, flexible, and don’t require a long setup time or the need to remake them should the areas of operation shift.

IV. Sleeping in comfort on the site

Using shipping containers for on-site workforce accommodation has also made the mining industry work smoother as there is not a constant need to find lodging for employees that might be as far away as 2 hours on-site far-flung sites but still offer comfortable living arrangements to be met with all modern necessities.

Shipping containers can be modified to be something completely different such as amazing bedrooms that are often times more comfortable and inviting than standard living quarters and can be further modified to suit the needs of the workers with things such as air-conditioning, kitchens, toilets, and full bathrooms so that your workforce can get up and go when they need to without the constant need for busses or flights to get in and out of the site.

V. Saving with containers in more than one way

Shipping containers are also remarkably sustainable, not only are the containers themselves made from recycled materials that can be consistently used over a long period of time, but they also save on things like fossil fuels being used to transport workers to and from the site, they don’t require additional building fixtures that require additional materials.

They’re a great part of incorporating a better sustainability strategy which is great if you’re looking to incorporate it in an environmentally friendly business.

VI. Shipping containers continue to revolutionize the industry

Shipping containers are revolutionizing the industry, from air conditioning and accommodation units, ablution blocks, and a wide range of heavy-duty, cost-effective customized shipping containers available for modification to suit every need on a site, its easy to see why shipping containers have become crucial parts of the industry.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity it may be time to look into shipping containers as they really can do almost anything that you may need on a mining site, and as we’ve discussed in this article, even things you may not have thought of.