Is your shipping container blending into the background? Discover the secrets to transforming it from dull to dynamic, making it a standout feature in any setting

Today we’ll be discussing how to make your shipping container stand out from a sea of bland-looking containers, there are numerous tips and tricks you can learn to make your container standout, and today we’re starting with the most common way to make a container stand out with color.

Embrace Eye-Catching Colors

Painting your container can do wonders to make it stand out from others, most commonly Containers are a silver or bronze color depending on their makeup, and most people don’t even bother to paint their containers or keep them updated with fresh coats as time goes on.

Another great way to make your container stand out is to align it with your company, whether that be colors or aesthetics choosing to place your logo on the containers, will definitely make them stand out as they’re unique to your company and people will notice them a lot more than normal containers in a sea of silver and bronze.

Engage with Art and Graphics

Much like colors, art, and graphics are a surefire way to make sure your container stands out from most, depending on what business you are in, commissioning an artist to draw something on your containers or creating murals and even graffiti will make your container stand out from others.

Collaborating with local artists can also help to foster inter-business relationships and can help you to create amazing art pieces on your containers that reflect your identity or statement of your business so that it is seen every time one of your containers is around.

Incorporate Innovative Materials

Depending on what your container is used for, you can radically alter the aesthetic of the container by changing some of the materials that are used in it to create truly unique containers, some ideas are to use different texture patterns and change the dimensions of your container to further accentuate artwork or colors.

Also adding to your container and turning it into something truly unique will make it stand out as well, you can do this by adding things like decorative panels, metal cladding, various types of wood as support structures or decorations, and many other things to build a stark contrast between the industrial look of a shipping container, with a warmer and more vibrant exterior.

These tips are especially great for people looking to use their containers for business or marketing purposes and want to really make them standout and help grow their business.

Think Outside the Box with Design Features

Think of different ways to further increase the aesthetic appeal of your container using things like windows, doors, balconies, or even rooftop gardens, all of these things may seem out of place for a shipping container, but that is exactly what you’re looking for here.

Making sure your container stands out with unique items and decorations can drastically increase the appeal of the container and bring more eyes to it whenever it is spotted, they also in a lot of cases improve the functionality of the container itself.

Lighting for Dramatic Effect

Let’s face it, containers are by their nature pretty sullen, they’re meant for ocean travel and don’t need to be that well-lit, but that also offers an opportunity to further increase the aesthetic value, installing lights such as LED strips, spotlights, and other creative lighting solutions will increase its aesthetic value and can even be the star attraction.

It also helps with being able to see it at night and can increase light in the area it is around, this is especially great for restaurants, merchandise stands, and other more practical applications.

Landscaping and Surroundings

Make sure to take care of the surroundings of the container, you want to create an inviting place that works in tandem with your container to make it look like the set piece, you can do this by adding trees, fences, pathways, and other landscaping ideas like gravel and sands to really make it sit in its environment and stand out.

Make it a party

When trying to increase the aesthetic value of your container, try and make it seem like a party in a container, incorporate lighting, different artistic touches as well as colors and bright vibrant art pieces, murals or graffiti, if you want to make sure your container stands out, you need to go above and beyond to make it something that leaves a lasting impression that people will want to view every time they see it.