We here at Shipping Containers Darwin have the biggest supply of shipping containers in the Northern Territory. From general purpose containers to dangerous goods, refrigerated and more we have it all, for any intended uses from private to commercial and industrial. We have containers available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes.

Not sure what type of container you need? Let’s cover a few of our most popular containers and their uses to put you on the right track.


Aside from their originally intended purpose of shipping goods, general purpose containers are a great solution for long term extra storage. A general-purpose shipping container be used in a private/ residential setting as extra storage or in commercial and industrial settings as onsite storage. It’s a more economical storage solution, particularly for long term, when compared to most other commercial storage options.


Our dangerous goods containers are weatherproof and durable with a range of safety features including welded and leak proof flooring, internal safety handle, non-spark industrial mesh floor covering and much more. In these containers you can ship goods such as flammable items, toxic goods, gas cylinders, peroxides, and corrosive substances.


If you need to transport or store tall and heavy equipment, our specialised open top containers are an ideal solution. With similar specifications to our general-purpose container, our open top containers have a removable tarpaulin roof. This will allow you to use a crane to load your cargo through the rooftop and when secured properly, the tarpaulin is waterproof.


Aside from using them to ship frozen or chilled goods, refrigerated shipping containers can be used in many private and industrial settings. For a wedding or other function, they can keep food, drinks, and expensive catering spreads safely cold in the scorching weather. They can also be used to keep lunches for workers on remote worksites, like mining sites, cold and safe to eat.


Got something tall or a high volume of goods you need to store/ transport? A high cube container is the answer. Being an extra 1 foot tall than our general purpose 40ft containers, a high cube will provide an extra 344 cubic feet of storage.

Here at Shipping Containers Darwin, we can also completely modify a container for whatever you need. We can do complete fit outs turn containers into a site office, first aid blocks, ablution blocks, container homes, retail outlets for markets, cafes, bars, container shelters, small workshops, a home office and so much more.


Working form home is an increasingly popular choice for many Australians, particularly in the currently ongoing COVID pandemic. However, it’s not all fun, games and wearing pyjamas everyday when working from home. There can be quite a few challenges that one can face.

One of the primary challenges is space. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a home office already, there is a difference between using it for home purposes and bringing your entire workload home with you.

Another challenge is creating balance between your home-work life and home life. Once you start working from home, it can be hard to separate where your workday begins and ends. You may find yourself work far longer than necessary or being unable to be productive because of home life distractions and interruptions.

Not to mention, if your work is not an office job but something like woodworking or artistry involves lots of tools or paint, it’s far more practical, manageable and safer to have a separate area as your workspace.

The accessories and modifications we make to create your dream office, home workshop, café or anything else come to life include:

  • air conditioning
  • electrical fit out
  • windows
  • roller doors
  • insulation
  • design for complete tiny homes
  • long-term site needs

We even have a small number of pre-modified containers ready made for purchase. If you’re located in the Northern Territory, you don’t even have to come out to visit us on site. We can do everything over the phone and can generally have a standard container delivered to your home or worksite by the following day.

Apart from being the biggest supplier of shipping container in the Northern Territory, we are a family owned and operated business. Our friendly team is ready to help make purchasing a shipping container easy with customer service being a top priority of ours.

For any help in selecting a container, advice, or an obligation free quote, get in touch with the friendly Shipping Containers Darwin team today.