You’re in the market for a shipping container, that’s fantastic! But now you’re wondering what’s your best option – buy shipping container or hire shipping container. Following we will go through the benefits of each to help you determine which option is most suitable for you.


If you are going to require a shipping container for long term purposes your best bet is to buy as it will be cheaper in the long run.
It’s also the better option if you’re anticipating damages to happen to the container as hiring requires the container to be returned in perfect condition.
When buying your own shipping container, you can also make modifications. We offer a variety of modifications including: doors, windows, air-conditioning, benches and so much more.


If you need temporary storage while you move, a temp onsite office, one off transport of goods, hiring a container is the best option for any short-term use.
Hiring a container means there’s no stress or fuss trying to find somewhere to store it or attempting to sell it on your own when you are finished using it. No one wants a shipping container sat in the yard or onsite, or wants to have their time wasted with tyre kickers trying to sell it. Once you no longer require the container, you simply return it to us.

Whether you end up deciding to buy shipping container or hire shipping container, Shipping Containers Darwin has you covered. We have the largest range of containers in the Northern Territory so are sure to have what you need. Get in touch with our friendly team today to enquire about our shipping containers.