At 40 ft, our largest shipping containers available are most often considered for use in large scale commercial and industrial undertakings. Able to store all the furniture of a 4 bed home, and known universally as the most common mode for international shipping, these vast containers will not disappoint. If it’s space you need, whether to make large shipments or even to include in modern architectural designs, this is the option for you.

What are the Potential Uses?

The internal dimensions of a 40 ft shipping containers, without refrigeration elements or other space-consuming modifications are 12.01 m in length, 2.35 m in width and 2.38 m in height, so if your shipment exceeds half of this, a 40 ft container will do the job. The same goes for storage unit needs, for which vehicle or furniture storage might be easier to manage with a larger container (provided you have the space to store the container itself).
As for conversions into accommodation, the 40 ft container is suitable for roomy additions. Many modern, stylish houses are now being built with standard shipping containers alone, and the 40 ft option is perfect for spacious designs.

How a 40 ft Container Can Save You Money

Restrictions on weight may apply when it comes to shipping, but if you need to transport goods that take up a lot of space and aren’t too heavy duty, it can save you in convenience and price to get a 40 foot shipping container instead of two 20 ft containers.

If your needs are temporary, you can also save by hiring from us instead of buying outright.

Whether you want to rent or buy, Shipping Containers Darwin can secure you a 40 ft container at a moment’s notice, along with modifications or refrigeration if your storage needs require it.