Although we sell and hire up to 40 ft shipping containers for more extensive projects, our savvy customers know that bigger is not always better when it comes to their specific needs. At a convenient size that can fit comfortably within a single driveway, our 10 ft containers are a perfect, cost-effective solution for tight spaces, small shipments, or modest storage requirements.

Benefits of the 10 ft Container

When space is an issue, or if you don’t want to spend money on extra room, a 10 ft shipping container will do the trick. The convenience of their size means they can be squeezed into residential nooks and crannies without getting in the way. Plus, one can’t overlook the ease with which they can be moved around. Transportation is far easier to arrange than it is for 20 ft or 40 ft containers, and if your container will ever need relocating, this is a pretty big plus! All in all, a 10 ft container best suits compact spaces while being just as secure and durable as our larger options.

Endless Other Uses

Of course, shipping and storage are the leading uses of all shipping containers, and as with other sizes, 10 ft containers will keep your products safe in transit while also keeping out pests and the elements. They can be used as portable sheds to store documents, tools, equipment, or even motorbikes. And, with the right modifications, you could easily be part of the growing trend of using 10 ft shipping containers as a feature room for pop-up businesses.

Whatever your vision, contact us today to buy or hire the 10 ft shipping container that best suits your needs.